George Karaiordanidis

Civil Engineer [TEI Serres]

President of ATRAPOS SA

Responsible for the construction of multiple projects around Greece for the last 30 years.

A wine grower and winemaker, an expert when it comes to agriculture, as a son of a purely agricultural family. With a strong professional network in the field, he is the main consultant in agricultural, mechanical and also business topics.

vivi karaiordanidou

Economist [Democritus University of Thrace]

Mechanical Engineer [University of Western Macedonia]

A farmer with active involvement and steadily growing production of organic and livestock products.

Responsible for the supervision of the distillation process and product management.

spyros karaiordanidis

Conservator of Antiquities and Works of Art [University of Western Attica]

Architect [University of Thessaly]

Graphic and web designer of Bene Esse. Website and social media administrator .

Responsible for supervision of the distillation process and transportation of products.