Bene Esse is a Greek distillation and trading company of essential oils in the region of Elefthero B, Grevena. The founders of the company are the members of the family George Karagiordanidis [the father], Spyros Karaiordanidis [the son] and Vivi Karaiordanidou [the daughter]. 

The members of the company are coming from a purely agricultural family and they all grew up in the region of Grevena and Kozani. Alongside with their studies and jobs, they maintained a daily basis connection with their place of origin and with the values of their agricultural family. They interacted intensively and effectively with agricultural life, animal breeding. They created a vineyard in the area of the estate and then an animal breeding farm. They are officially being involved in sheep and goat farming, dairy cows, fattening calves as well as cereal and aromatic plants cultivation.

Being nurtured in the agricultural life and also having an engineering backround, they established a small mechanical installation in order to distill the aromatic plants from their own fields and also to satisfy their personal need to investigate the process in its entirety. Dealing with the process on a daily basis and communicating with an ever growing network of farmers specialised in aromatic plants, this personal need was transformed into a duty towards the local agricultural community in a more efficient, secure and fast way. Having gained the knowledge and  under  a   new  era   of  creativity   for   the  family, a step forward has  been  taken  towards expanding horizons, cooperation and mutual professional trust.

Today, having acquired a state of the art mechanical equipment, the organic certification and a set of owned facilities that have been certified and meet the standards and specifications , an integrated idea has been born. Bene Esse is ready to provide substantial growth in the local economy, tο spread even further this kind of agricultural products, which can be benefited in Greece even more due to its special microclimate. The company guarantees to provide high quality essential oils and also a business outlet to the members of the local community. Visit its facilities to develop opportunities  for collaborative relationships, or even for a walk around the farm, a tour of the restored small church of Taxiarchis, in a place where every corner can give you the view of a new wonderful landscape….