Distillation is the most widespread method that has been used to extract essential oils from aromatic plants, since ancient times. In modern times, due to technological progress and further explanation of the fluids and gasses laws, there has been an excellent mechanical improvement in both equipment and operating conditions in the essential oil industry.

The amount of essential oils contained in the plants is connected with the different growth stages of the plant, so it is necessary for the harvest to take place at the right time. This depends on the type of plant [contact us to share what we know about the right time of harvesting]. Collecting even at the wrong time of the day can reduce the amount and quality of the produced essential oils. The research on the plant that is being distilled is really important.

Bene Esse follows the steam distillation process. Immediately after harvesting, the plants are appropriately placed inside the destiller. The steam is being produced in a steam generator and then is being pipelined into the destiller. The steam goes in the distiller by a tube located at the bottom of the it and is being distributed across the whole amount of the plant. This procedure avoids contact with water which can reduce the quality of the product.

The most important factors for the most efficient distillation are steam pressure, its velocity and the time of the overall process. Through a series of trial distillations, the members of the company are ready to adapt different factors according to the type and needs of your plants, aiming the most optimized quality and quantity of the produced essential oils.

At the end of the distillation process, the essential oil is cleaned and then packaged for commercialization.


Bene Esse has at your disposal mechanical equipment which meets the European standards and specifications and has been certified to distillate organic products also.